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Magna acustica speakers - rear firing and front firing side view

The dream of single ended tube amplifier owners is a solution in the high efficient speaker world, featuring crossover-less full bandwidth with fast transient response and deep bass, high frequencies and uncompressed midrange. So far only horn designs are coming close to these demands, usually with a lot of set up difficulties and compromises on the frequency ends. Front loaded horns usually will use a subwoofer to fulfil the bass performance. Therefore the transience between midrange and bass is much compromised as the bass is a bit slower in the transient response. The bass is limping behind, as the immediacy is not achievable.

Back loaded horns often use a very fast full range drive unit with a Qts below 0.2 and build up the bass through a long folding construction. The bass can be very deep but is usually lacking weight and impact. As far as the bass is not build up in lowest frequencies, the bass note is transferred up into the higher octave, which leads necessarily to dynamic compression in the midrange. Conventional designs are able to achieve sometimes up to 94 dB but lack the natural transience due to many drive units and the problem of crossover. A huge lack of detail in fine dynamics and texture is the consequence.

The approach in the design of the Magna Acustica Loudspeakers was set from the beginning to address these issues: a drive unit had to be found with the necessary bandwidth in free air response suitable for a full range concept and with a high efficiency. The size had to be big enough to create a strong weighty bass, so the decision fell on a ten-inch concept. The driver needed to have a different Qts as the enclosure should not be similar to the existing enclosure concepts and a far cry different to the typical horn concept. To create an acoustic point source the drive unit had to get a choice of direct and indirect dispersion for a transparent soundstage. The enclosure had to deal then with ultra low frequencies without creating delay in the bass performance. Equally the bass had to fall acoustically to the drive units. Usually bass ports are far away from the drive units and the bass somewhat can be located at a different place. Therefore often the soundstage is compromised between the upper notes and lower notes of an acoustic bass: the high chords are played in one location and low notes all of a sudden are shifting to a different place within the whole music.

Magna Acustica therefore features a 10-inch driver with a frequency response of 65-18000 Hz in free air response at 96 dB. Two drivers are used with one facing to the rear in a 45-degree angle up and one facing direct to the listener in front. The enclosure is rather a semi open baffle concept with the bass opening on top, just between the drivers. Standing waves are diminished through the concept of a broader front baffle towards a narrower rear baffle. The enclosure is made of plywood marine and then laminated in maple finish. A grill cover on top prevents the unwanted use as ashtray (just joking).

The Magna Acustica Results:
What to expect from the construction of the Magna Acustica Loudspeakers? First of all, you can expect an incredible fast performance with a deep and wide soundstage. Secondly, the loudspeaker bass performance is way deeper than in many conventional speaker designs with the intact texture of each different bass notes. Third, the midrange is smooth and clear and very neutral after coating the drivers with our own resin to get rid of peaks and notches. As the bass is as low as it gets, the midrange is free of overlapping bass notes and sibilance is greatly diminished. Last, but not least, the high frequencies have a very fine extension and amazing resolution one wonders how it is possible to achieve in a ten-inch drive unit. The speaker gives choices in terms of the set up. Binding post is located below and the speaker can be used either way. In the normal use in your home, the direct facing driver should be used as the front, in very large rooms it is worth to try the other way round. The power handling is another great feature of this speaker as the use of solid state amplification is possible anytime: 150 Watt is sufficient enough to give customers the alternative to use existing solid state amps and still have the advantage of an acoustical point source concept. That gives the freedom of choice between tube and solid state.
Frequency Response (-3dB) 25-19000Hz
Efficiency 98 dB
8 Ohm
Size H 1200 mm x W 400mm x D 400mm
Weight 35kg
Power Handling 150 Watt Music
Amplification 2.5 watt - 100 Watt possible

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