Kondo Audio Note

No matter music or audio, when taking it seriously, is an expression of "beauty".
Exploring all possibilities to derive beautiful sound, is simply the pursue of "beauty".


Years ago, I purchased a well-known and very large American audio system. Frankly, I did not like it. At about that time, I heard (almost like an underground whisper) the name “Audio Note”. It was a reference in those days to both Audio Note UK and Audio Note Japan because Audio Note UK was the international distributor at the time for the Japanese made products. Soon I learnt that a mythical figure, Hiroyasu Kondo San, the son of the Buddhist priest, and a metallurgist, was the designer and owner of Audio Note.

While on a business trip in Melbourne, I stumbled across a retail outlet representing Audio Note products and I listened. I was immediately overwhelmed by the difference between the very expensive American system that I had bought, and the delicacy of the music flow that I was now listening to. I bought a system and quickly sold my American system into the market!

The downside to owning the new system (Ongaku, M7) was that I started to get to bed later and later, hooked into the music as if it were a drug!

Eventually many friends heard the music at my home and wanted the same system for themselves and for me Kondo equipment remains the most rewarding way of listening to music.

Overture Integrated Amplifier

The Overture was designed by Audio Note Japan to satisfy those who require their music to be delivered by an integrated amplifier to achieve the simplicity of “one box”. The aim was to maintain the legendry Kondo sound but with a price and the physical dimension that is easier for music lovers to obtain. The Overture is not to replace the classis models but it does mean that the entry level for people wishing to own the Kondo brand is now more affordable.

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 Ongaku Power Amplifier

In the year 1989, the world of High end audio changed forever. Hiroyasu Kondo San designed an amplifier which was to become a timeless classic, the Ongaku. The audio world was fascinated, firstly by its price, which was an unheard of sum at the time, and then by its sound. It brought to the world of High End audio, a refinement, and magical experience never heard before.

The Ongaku is as relevant today as it was in 1989. Any lover of music who wants to reproduce music in the home to the highest possible standard will appreciate the Ongaku and the magic that it creates.

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Ginga Turntable

The Ginga turntable sets new standards for the reproduction of analogue music. It is a beautiful piece of visual art, which transcribes the music to be found on vinyl, in a way that has never been achieved before. The Ginga is a physically substantial piece of equipment, which will fascinate those that love hearing their music on vinyl.

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I got a glimpse of heaven. A product that breaks through to a new level of playback realism
Fi magazine

Taken back? Transfixed? Thrilled? Hey, the last time I had Goosebumps this big from music was at a concert, not in front of a hi-fi the lone audiophile who acquires this amplifier in 1993 is one fortunate son of a gun the sweetest, warmest, most holographic amplifier I've ever heard Ken Kessler,
Hi-Fi News and Record Review, May 1993