Kiso Acoustic

Kiso Acoustic HB-1 and HB-X1 loudspeakers are capable of filling medium and larger sized domestic listening rooms, studios, and smaller music halls with a high-quality rendering of recorded music...delivering powerful, believable musical images at a distance into a larger space.

Kiso is one of those unique artisan brands.  It is the result of the dream of one man, Toru Hara.

His dedication to music and these wonderful speakers, involves  a background of recording live music for many decades.  His understanding of the way in which sound is produced through a musical instrument has led to these quite extraordinary beautifully made artisan loudspeakers.  The Kiso HB-X1 is really a piece of audio equipment that is worth talking about.  It is an old cliché but “it has to be heard to be believed” is true in this case. Until you have heard the speaker in a system, there is not much to say.  May I recommend you hear it as soon as possible!


The Kiso Acoustic HB-1 and HB-X1 loudspeakers have been designed, developed, built and voiced to be among the most capable, and highest performing compact, full-scale speakers in the world. It is interesting to note that these are loudspeakers that are becoming recognized and adopted by musical artists, music recording professionals, and veteran audiophiles. Often a set of Kiso Acoustic loudspeakers will find their place widely spaced, sharply toed in, at the outskirts of other very large high-end loudspeakers of various pedigree brands. And normally they find themselves being played more often than their larger brothers due to their inherent ability to recreate uncanny, astonishingly real musical images in a most satisfying way.



HB - X1

Just like the finest of string-bodied instruments, a Kiso Acoustic loudspeaker is rare and costly. At first sight many prospective adopters gets apprehensive concerning the size/cost relationship. However, for the true connoisseur with his/her honed ability to listen without prejudice, it will become apparant that there is no other loudspeaker available anywhere that combines the particular qualities that the Kiso Acoustic HB-1 and HB-X1 do.