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Sven Boenicke is one of at most five speaker developers worldwide who presently advance our art with true innovation. Joachim Gerhard

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Once in a blue moon, I find a new product that I consider really fabulous, fabulous enough to want it. I did not have any real expectations when visiting the Munich 2016 Hi End Show but of course I kept an open mind. I did the obligatory round and I had already been tipped off that I should listen the CAD (Computer Audio Design) room who partnered with Boenicke. On entering the room, it was not long before I realised that I was completely enthralled visually firstly (is rare in audio) and also with the most seductive wonderful room filling sound.

Soon I recognise that I was not alone in the room with this sense of wonder. It wasn’t long before I came across a contingency from Hong Kong and China and I could see how excited they all were. They were as excited as children in a candy store! Apart from absolutely loving the sound, I had the pleasure of meeting the proprietors of both companies, Scott and Isabel for CAD and Sven Beonicke.

It is with the greatest pleasure that we take on the first two new products in many a long day. They fully meet the criteria of “only bringing in equipment that I would want to own at home” and I am delighted that both of them have entrusted us with representing them in Hong Kong and China, Singapore and Taiwan.


W5 - W13 Speaker Range

The transmission line comes without any damping at all, which makes it extremely efficient, tight and fast. The powerful DSP in our BassAmp can easily smooth out some irregularities in amplitude that are inevitable when there is no damping. Depending on the room and the speaker’s placement therein, you can expect an astonishing, fullrange performance down to 30 Hz – yes, from a 10-cm wide speaker.  The electrical impedance measurement of the two bass drivers in free air (black line) and in the SLS’ enclosure (bright line) proves this transmission line’s effectiveness in presenting the drivers an almost perfectly matching radiation resistance (acoustical impedance).

If achieved without any internal absorbing means (material and resonators), the result is stunning, given the size of the speaker. The little resonances at 76 Hz and above are well out of the audio band the bass line is being used in (low-pass filtered at 40-50 Hz).

The W’s are amazing, they create a space and ambiance really unexpected. You have high-end speakers, they do so much right but you always keep searching, then you have Boenicke, they just involve you and you forget all about high-end or not and just enjoy being part of the music..

- Michiel Bouwens
We were really 
stunned by the effortless performance and complete absence of hifi artifacts

Marja & Henk