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Audio Note Ginga Turntable

The Ginga turntable sets new standards for the reproduction of analogue music. It is a beautiful piece of visual art, which transcribes the music to be found on vinyl, in a way that has never been achieved before. The Ginga is a physically substantial piece of equipment, which will fascinate those that love hearing their music on vinyl.

Base unit is made of 6 types of materials, selected after long time of auditions. They are aluminium, stainless steel, brass, gunmetal, copper and acrylic.
The platter is designed with in a tapered shape. Tuning screws are made by copper to overcome "bell vibration". In addition, a piece of glass mat is added on top massive aluminum material to soften metallic sound.



Large 4 pole synchronous motor is used for best sound quality. Low-noise and low vibration are achieved by double-floating structure.
Motor is driven by an ideal power supply. CR oscillating circuit is composed of SIN, COS wave generators with dual channels high power low distortion amplifier. Therefore, phase advance capacitor became unnecessary. Moreover, voltage control of the main coil and subcoil are fully independent making oscillation to be minimal.
By using tension pulley, long time and stable operation are possible with adequate string tension.

We are pleased to represent Audio note in Hong Kong, Taiwan and Singapore.

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Product String drive turntable system
Model Turntable unit GH-02t
Motor unit GH-01m
Motor 4 pole synchronous motor
Dimensions Turntable unit 460mm(W) 210mm(H) 395mm(D),
Motor unit 210mm(W) 150mm(H) 365mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight Turntable unit 46kg(base 28kg + platter 18kg),
Motor unit 16kg
Power consumption 36W
Proprietary stone base
Dimensions 600mm(W) 90mm(H) 400mm(D)
(excluding protrusions)
Weight 62kg
Tone Arm KONDO V-12
(cartridge is not attached)

Where to hear one

We are happy to discuss arranging home demonstration because Audio Evidence appreciate that choosing audio equipment is best undertaken in a friendly relaxed home environment. Please call Candy Law at (852) 2396 8515 for an appointment.