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Boenicke W11SE+ 


The Boenicke W11SE+, one of the best examples of a box reflex type loudspeaker. 

The Vox Olympian, the exquisite horn speaker, recipient of a Lifetime Award to music. 

Both can be heard at the Audio Evidence’s music room.  Call Candy Law on 2396 8515 for an appointment.

Boenicke W8


Sunday morning in the sun, Music streaming from these beautiful W8! A cup of coffee, Brahms and Boenicke. Heaven.

Stereophile and Michael Fremer honours Computer Audio Design


Michael Fremer opened his Analog Corner column in the September issue of Stereophile: “Now that I've lived with the CAD for another couple of months, I can render my verdict: I can't live without it. After listening for weeks, I pulled it out of my system, listened for a few minutes, put it all back immediately, then wrote a check.”


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