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Stereophile and Michael Fremer honours Computer Audio Design


Michael Fremer opened his Analog Corner column in the September issue of Stereophile: “Now that I've lived with the CAD for another couple of months, I can render my verdict: I can't live without it. After listening for weeks, I pulled it out of my system, listened for a few minutes, put it all back immediately, then wrote a check.”


Boenicke W22


Boenicke speakers have deservedly carved out a reputation for Swiss made excellence. Many times when people are auditioning they express extreme admiration for their ability to reproduce music in an entirely satisfying way.


For some, there has been a problem in ownership. They own low powered amplifiers. Previously Boenicke speakers have been reasonably hungry for power.


Sven Boenicke has overcome this problem by carefully designing all the usual musical queues associated with his loudspeakers into the new W22 designed to be used with relatively low power amplification.


This opens up the possibility of people, who own low powered amplification, mating them with Boenicke Loudspeakers.

The babies arrive!


Saturday afternoon and finally the Vox Olympian arrive. As someone said, “horns are like cocaine – do not try them if you don’t want to become an addict….”  Be warned!

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